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Revolutionizing Video Streaming with Lucea's Algorithm

Our products


Studio Edition

The EVA Studio Edition is specially built for decoding and encoding of all major audio and video standards for OTT/IPTV broadcasters that receive high quality sources for their movies and TV shows and encode them to the best video streams possible for a given member's viewing device and bandwidth capabilities. It allows you to capture any type of IP stream, decode any of the formats: H.264, H.265, Lossless, AV1, VC1, VP8, VP9 or MPEG-2, enhances quality of the video with our proprietary EVA technology. Support for RTSP, RTMP, and SRT protocols.

Solo Edition

EVA Solo Edition is a digital TV platform able to manipulate a live image stream on your display to maximize viewing experience. Users would find it useful to have a context-sensitive module that is using artificial intelligence to automatically recognises different types of movie scenes and applies necessary changes. The system will automatically test the quality of the incoming video stream and adapt its quality according to your preferences.

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API Edition

TV Content providers (Broadcasters) will complement their services by adding the EVA technology into their set-top boxes. Broadband providers will use EVA to significantly increase the perceptual quality of video on the same or smaller bandwidth. Consumer electronics manufacturers integrate the EVA technology into their future Smart TVs to deliver exceptional viewing experience.

Video restore  Edition

Our outstanding technology can be used to protect great video works of art of the past, degraded by neglect and still saved on decaying magnetic videotapes EVA offers fast, simple and reliable video restoration by automatically detecting, and removing microscopic aberrations like electronic noise, compression artefacts and stains and bring the quality back to something close to its original quality.


Experience the Future of Video Streaming Today

With Lucea's technology, you can provide your customers with the best possible video streaming experience. Our solution is reliable, customizable, and easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Join the future of video streaming today with Lucea.

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